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What we do

Individual Education Programmes:

It is the Pathways aim that, with early and ongoing intervention, we may develop and educate our children to reach their full potential, and enable them to fill a meaningful role in society, no matter how small.  Each child is given opportunities for learning and growth in all areas through individual educational programmes (IEP’s).  These are updated as the needs of both the child and the family changes.  We provide hope and support to families as they love and care for children whose needs can be overwhelming.  Our children have access to speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic horse riding and hydro therapy in our specifically designed and heated pool.

Pathways Enterprises:

Pathways Enterprises is a place where young adults with severe cognitive and physical disabilities find opportunities to be skilled in a number of entrepreneurial activities. This is a place where these young adults interact with their peers and form bonds of friendship and enjoyment. These activities include beading, card making, paper shredding, can crushing, woodwork, gardening and general housekeeping. All the items are made by the young adults under supervision and assistance where necessary. The products are sold to create an income for the enterprise and promote a sense of achievement. The aim is to expand the current corporate orders that are undertaken at present. Orders are presently filled on request.
The young adults are taught a sense of accomplishment by assisting with food serving, cleaning and individual project completion.
For more information contact Neeltje at 031 266 5028, Pathways Enterprises on Facebook or email to

Home Programmes:

This provides parents with a stimulation outline to educate children who are either too ill, too young, or without transport to travel to the Centre.

The Home Programme also provides training to a number of state schools who have children with severe disabilities, such as Ethembeni School, RP Moodley School and the Waldorf School.  This training includes both direct classroom support for the children and teacher training.

Outreach Programmes:

Pathways also has an active outreach programme aimed to identify and help severely disabled children in poverty stricken areas, where often the children are severely isolated due to their family’s circumstances.  We assist with the integration of these children into their local communities and try to break this pattern of isolation and neglect.  Two programmes currently taking place are at the Burlington Informal Settlement outside Durban, and the Edith Benson Babies Home in Sherwood.


We focus on the education of our teachers and facilitators.  In order for our outreach to be effective we have a training course that will equip community members to become effective para-professional in the Early Childhood Intervention of the severely disabled child.

We are also involved with students studying speech therapy and teaching, who use the Centre for their practical training.


As Pathways is a community-based organization, we would not be able to function without our sponsors.  Time and again we stand in awe of the generous donations we receive.  We are so grateful to all our sponsors for their caring support and financial contributions.

Our Mission

  • to enable children with barriers to social interaction and learning, and their families, to achieve a greater quality of life.
  • Our core ethos is also to support the families of the disabled children, to enable them to live a more normal life at home, and to give them a sense of hope.

Our Sponsors

We have an extensive list of companies and individuals who support Pathways both with monetary contributions as well as in kind. We have put together a list of these companies so that you in turn can support them.



We are a non-profit organization which relies solely on the humanity and generosity of individuals and organizations.  There is no government funding for the education of a severely disabled child, who therefore often falls through the ‘cracks’ of society. Fundraising projects are therefore an ongoing necessity.



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