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Pathways began with a dream for a special place to educate and stimulate the severely disabled child, and thus provide their parents with hope and support.

Set up as a non-profit organization, in 15 years Pathways has grown from a group of 3 children in the Kloof Methodist Church hall, to a multi-racial, multi-cultural facility with a fully trained staff and lovely premises in Westville.  This is now the central hub of an operation which involves 37 children in-house, and through the various outreach programmes, many more who stay at home.

Pathways has been instrumental in establishing a further eight centres in South Africa that communicate regularly on a professional level.  These different schools are fully independent and have their own constitutions and fund-raising plans.

Our Mission

  • to enable children with barriers to social interaction and learning, and their families, to achieve a greater quality of life.
  • Our core ethos is also to support the families of the disabled children, to enable them to live a more normal life at home, and to give them a sense of hope.

Our Sponsors

We have an extensive list of companies and individuals who support Pathways both with monetary contributions as well as in kind. We have put together a list of these companies so that you in turn can support them.



We are a non-profit organization which relies solely on the humanity and generosity of individuals and organizations.  There is no government funding for the education of a severely disabled child, who therefore often falls through the ‘cracks’ of society. Fundraising projects are therefore an ongoing necessity.



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