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Pathways Games 2018

1st Aug 2018


 The annual Sports Day is a fitting end to term two. The planning and organisation by all the staff is a remarkable feat taking into account the challenges encountered.

The practice is a wonderful precursor to the “finals” and the facilitators and students thoroughly enjoy the freedom of the events to express their individual talents. And what talents are on show!

The day arrived bright and cool but by the time the events were run the Centre was a splash of colour, smiling, happy and determined contestants and thrilled, excited and entertained parents and spectators.

All contestants, and without doubt the facilitators, were determined to achieve their best times and distances. The opening ceremony with the revolving circle of dazzling vibrant colours lifted the spirits and set the tone for the games ahead.

The ball challenges, balance beams, egg and spoon, wheelchair sports were joyfully contested.

The sprints, shot putt and other games showed the competitive nature of the students but mostly the sense of achievement and participation.

The rousing National Anthem led by the resident choirmaster, Muhammad was a fitting closure to the games.

The greatest colour of the day was gold. Each participant received a gold medal crowning their eager participation in the Pathways Games 2018.

Congratulations to all involved in making such a memorable day, one that will remain in the minds and hearts of all present.

Roll on Pathways Games 2019




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  • to enable children with barriers to social interaction and learning, and their families, to achieve a greater quality of life.
  • Our core ethos is also to support the families of the disabled children, to enable them to live a more normal life at home, and to give them a sense of hope.

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We are a non-profit organization which relies solely on the humanity and generosity of individuals and organizations.  There is no government funding for the education of a severely disabled child, who therefore often falls through the ‘cracks’ of society. Fundraising projects are therefore an ongoing necessity.



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